Testimonials and Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about PICCsox


Testimonials and Reviews

Here are what people are saying about PICCsox. These reviews and testimonials are from users all over Australia and US.

The mesh window is great!

Kailey H

Having cystic fibrosis this means multiple PICC line over my lifetime. The PICCSox are a godsend, they stay in place, breathe, easy to wash and looks like a sports band. Gone are the days of looking sick with a typical itchy medical bandage. Thank you so much.

BeauAdelaide, SA

I loved the product and gave at the highest score!

Emily J

I love the secure feeling I have, when I wear it at night, sleeping.

JoanneProspect, South Australia

Fits great! Looks so much better than anything I can make myself. Makes me so much less self-conscious. Great product!!

CarterAdelaide, Australia

Product is perfect! Comfortable, cool, also makes me feel like the PICC line is not noticeable at all!

MandyAlabama, US

I feel so comfortable and relaxed wearing the PICCsox when I go out with my friends for coffee

TerrySydney, New South Wales

PICCsox® are distributed by FloMedical, which is an Australian company based in Adelaide, specialising in vascular access for the last 10 years. It is certainly important you can deal with a trusted company. Specifically, we supply to major hospitals, surgeries and medical practices throughout every state and territory of Australia.

We also have a strong emphasis on providing patients with the best possible outcomes. As a result, PICCsox® are our core service and product offering. We accordingly supply PICC line covers in Adelaide, greater Australia, and worldwide.