Testimonials and Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about PICCsox


Testimonials and Reviews

Here are what people are saying about PICCsox. These reviews and testimonials are from users all over Australia and US.

The mesh window is great!

Kailey HAdelaide, South Australia

Having cystic fibrosis this means multiple PICC line over my lifetime. The PICCSox are a godsend, they stay in place, breathe, easy to wash and looks like a sports band. Gone are the days of looking sick with a typical itchy medical bandage. Thank you so much.

BeauAdelaide, South Australia

I loved the product and gave at the highest score!

Emily JAdelaide, South Australia

I love the secure feeling I have, when I wear it at night, sleeping.

JoanneProspect, South Australia

Fits great! Looks so much better than anything I can make myself. Makes me so much less self-conscious. Great product!!

CarterAdelaide, South Australia

Product is perfect! Comfortable, cool, also makes me feel like the PICC line is not noticeable at all!

MandyAlabama, US

I feel so comfortable and relaxed wearing the PICCsox when I go out with my friends for coffee

TerrySydney, New South Wales

Perfect for my wife’s PICC line, good size, keeps medical item covered. Doctor is very impressed. Thank you.. I need to purchase another one from you!

Paul BMelbourne, Victoria

I think you have an excellent product.

EvaCambridge, New Zealand

A good product that secures the PICC line entry point. Gives confidence that everything is protected

SusieSydney, New South Wales

Hi Mike
I got the PICCSox delivered today. Honestly can’t thank you enough for your help and for how quickly you got them in the mail to me.
The PICC Sox themself look amazing! I put one on straight away. The fit is perfect! Thank u so much for your help with the sizing. Without your help I would have gone the large size due to being on the cusp of both Med & large.
But the medium is absolutely perfect. Fits extremely well and can still get 3 fingers underneath the top of the cover. It’s not tight anywhere. But it stays in place without moving and is really comfortable on. I love the breathable mesh. Allows air to the dressing area and most importantly I can check the line without moving the cover.
Again – thank you so much for your help, for answering all my questions, the sizing and particularly for posting them out so quickly! That’s amazing of you to have done that.
And perfect timing too as I was discharged from hospital today after going in over the weekend. But coming home and seeing the parcel – I was so excited! I immediately put one on. And it made my PICC much more secure, with neither lumans moving from where the dressing has peeled or been pulled off, and safe in the knowledge I can use my arm and not have the lumans or line move around.
I’m in bed now and it’s so comfortable and so light to wear. Can sleep now knowing my line is secure, won’t catch on anything or be pulled and is protected. But also is light and not compressive at all. As well as the bonus anti microbial properties in the material which gives me more confidence in wearing it and preventing any infection.
Perfect timing after a stressful emergency admission to hospital, and perfect for a few days of 30 degree weather. I will also feel less self conscious of my PICC by having the PICC Sox now when in public.
I’m very grateful for your help. And also for acting so quick on the order and getting it express posted basically as soon as I ordered online – that’s amazing of you!  Thank you very much again.
I’ll be sure to leave a review on your website too.
Kind regards,

TessAdelaide, South Australia

PICCsox® are distributed by FloMedical, which is an Australian company based in Adelaide, specialising in vascular access for the last 10 years. It is certainly important you can deal with a trusted company. Specifically, we supply to major hospitals, surgeries and medical practices throughout every state and territory of Australia.

We also have a strong emphasis on providing patients with the best possible outcomes. As a result, PICCsox® are our core service and product offering. We accordingly supply PICC line covers in Adelaide, greater Australia, and worldwide.