Size Measuring Guide

Please measure your arm before PICC line insertion. Otherwise, your PICCsox may be too big after the swelling goes down.

The fit of your PICCsox should be snug but not too tight. Select the correct sizing so as to easily fit the PICCsox® without excessive pressure. If you are between two sizes, select the smaller size. (6 stock sizes available, see size guide).

piccsox picc line cover measuring guide

Size Bicep Measurement
C1 X Small 16 – 20 cm
1 Small 21 – 25 cm
2 Medium 26 – 30 cm
3 Large 31 – 35 cm
4 X Large 36 – 40 cm
5 2X Large 41 – 45 cm


If you are currently wearing a PICCsox® given to you by one of our hospital partners, the size label is located inside the PICCsox®.

Measuring – How to

Measuring with a Tape Measure

Measuring with a Ribbon