About PICCsox® PICC sleeves

Purchase the PICCsox® PICC Sleeve by clicking here.  Instructions for PICCsox® PICC Sleeves Use


  1. Ensure the PICCsox® is placed over the PICC with the mesh window covering the PICC dressing & central to the PICC.
  2. Fit should be snug but not too tight. You should subsequently be able to easily fit 2 fingers under the PICCsox without excessive pressure.
  3. Discard and replace the PICCsox® if it becomes soiled or damaged.
  4. If any redness, pain or swelling occurs, certainly discontinue use and consult your physician or health professional immediately.




What are PICCsox® PICC line covers?

PICCsox® PICC sleeves, made from bamboo, are a naturally hypoallergenic medical armband. They firstly hold in position cover & protect PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) placed in a patient’s arm. Wear PICCsox® as an outside garment to protect the PICC from dislodgement or accidental removal. PICCsox® assist in holding the PICC in position. They also protect the sterile dressing by providing an antibacterial barrier.  This helps protect against harmful germs and ensures the area stays dry and clean.

What do you make PICCsox® PICC line sleeves from?

We make PICCsox® from a hypoallergenic bamboo blend. They are also latex free and contain a mesh window for visibility.


PICCsox® distributed by FloMedical.