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PICC line covers

Easy Care Instructions

PICCsox are easy to wear, wash and wear again. Thorough care instructions for your PICCsox ® PICC line cover:Read More + »
PICCsox PICC line covers


PICCsox® PICC Line Covers

Dealing with PICC lines can be uncomfortable, and the fear of dislodgement, infections or disruptions to your treatment can be really stressful. That's not where you want to be, is it?

PICCsox is the answer to these challenges. It's designed to protect and secure your PICC line, preventing discomfort and minimizing the risk of infection. It's a simple but effective solution.

With PICCsox, you'll find comfort and peace of mind. Your recovery can be smoother, and life can be more convenient. Ultimately, it's about improving your quality of life. This means you can stop feeling uncomfortable, anxious, or frustrated. Instead, you can start feeling comfortable, secure, and hopeful about your recovery.

If you're ready for a more comfortable and stress-free experience, keep reading!



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PICC Line Covers

PICC line covers are distributed by FloMedical, which is an Australian company based in Adelaide, specialising in vascular access for the last 10 years. It is certainly important you can deal with a trusted, ISO certified company. We supply to major hospitals, surgeries and medical practices throughout every state and territory of Australia.

PICCsox® is a company with the mission specifically to provide the best medical solutions to everyone. We supply PICC line covers in Adelaide, greater Australia, and worldwide. We also have a strong emphasis on providing patients with the best possible outcomes. As a result, PICCsox® are our core service and product offering.



We partner with hospitals both in Adelaide and all around Australia.


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