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Easy Care Instructions

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PICCsox® PICC Line Covers

PICC dislodgement is the worst. It has serious consequences that include not only financial costs, but also extra hospital time.

Of course, this also means time-consuming restarts, more invasive procedures, and delays in treatment. PICC movement is one of the most common PICC issues. Success of PICC lines requires urgent attention. We believe this includes innovations in dressing and securement of PICCs.

We always recommend PICC covers for PICC line success. It’s even been clinically proven! As a result, we’ve invented the PICCsox® PICC line cover.

Hypoallergenic bamboo blend
Latex free
Easy to wear
Durable, reusable, washable
Easy care
Mesh window for visibility
Easy access and visibility
Suitable for overnight wear – non compression
Comfortable, attractive design
Six sizes
Australian owned
ISO 9001:2015 certified



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PICC Line Covers

PICC line covers are distributed by FloMedical, which is an Australian company based in Adelaide, specialising in vascular access for the last 10 years. It is certainly important you can deal with a trusted company. PICCsox® is a company with the mission specifically to provide the best medical solutions to everyone.

We supply PICC line covers in Adelaide, greater Australia, and worldwide. We also have a strong emphasis on providing patients with the best possible outcomes. As a result, PICCsox® are our core service and product offering.


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